The Story

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The story of the Kindness Bug begins with Marcus the Caterpillar. He loves to spread kindness to others, but his little legs cannot take him far. He ask the help of others, so that kindness can spread faster. All his hard work makes him weary. He builds a cocoon and soon falls fast asleep.

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After Marcus awakes, he finds he has changed into a beautiful butterfly. With his new wings, now he can fly out into the world to spread kindness. He is surprised as he sees all the bugs being kind to one another. He learns that he has started a chain of kindness; it has grown and now it’s everywhere. Because of his unselfish acts, kindness has made a beautiful change in Marcus.

The Kindness Bug Children’s Book is available at our Kindness Bug Online Store.

One thought on “The Story

  1. Marilyn J. Spencer

    I still have your “Kindness Bug” coloring and activity book you signed for my great-grandson, Trey, in 2007. He has looked at it many times and later when he could read. Now his sister is reading it … and on through generations I believe.
    Thank you for a decade of helping to “spread kindness around the world.”
    Marilyn Spencer
    retired newspaper editor

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