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Mollie Gosnell – Dolores, Colorado

I am sending this to Christine Price who has remained my friend even though both of us have moved from Phoenix and have not seen each other in years. Christine thank you for helping me grow into a Monarch like you someday. Much love.

Bug #5-000312

2-17-08: Holle Wagner – Location: Illinois – Act of Kindness that was shown when the bug was received or given away – My mommy bought this bug for me at a store at The Legends when we were on vacation staying at the Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City, Kansas so that I could learn about kindness and spread it around my Church (Union United Methodist Church in Belleville, IL). I gave this bug to my Sunday School Teacher, Mrs. Kathy today (02-17-08) in hopes that we will be able to use this Bug, Marcus the Caterpillar, book, and activity book to learn about acts of kindness and praise those who demonstrate it by passing Marcus the Caterpillar around along with the book & activity book to others in my Sunday School Class & Church when they do an act of kindness. I have enjoyed my mommy reading me the Kindness Bug Book. It is really good. This is going to be so much fun. I can’t wait to see on-line whose home Marcus the Caterpillar has traveled within my church. Thanks…Holle Wagner