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Edwina Eisert from Lawrence, Ks: Lola the Ladybug #000954.

Lola is going to a teacher who touches young people’s lives every day and who was a bone marrow donor whose kindness helped save the life of a recipient in a foreign country.

Bug #3-000968

Lola will be given as a gift to a sweet little lady with a great personality that you just have to love. She is one that you will never forget when you meet her.

From great grandma Lawrence

Bug #3-000979

  1. Lola is going to Amelia Murray. She and her brother dropped off a package of goodies for us at Christmas time. Thank you Amelia!

2013 is the Kindness Bug Challenge, encouraging people to spread random acts of kindness along with a Kindness Bug. Let’s see how far Lola can fly!

Brenda McFadden

  1. Amelia Murray: February 28, 2013

Duncan and Amelia are passing Lola along to Madalene Cahoon along with some of their soccer gear and other hand-me-downs. We enjoy having such great girls to share our outgrown things with! We hope you have fun finding someone to share your bugs with!

  1. Olivia Cahoon: April 8, 2013

Madalene and Olivia Cahoon are sharing Leo with Jillian and Bethany Poplau, as well as some pictures to let them know we appreciate them as our friends. Enjoy sharing your bugs with others!