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Bug #4-000485

1. I will give this bug to my mom, Helen, in honor of Mother’s day. She is a beautiful and wonderful mom. She is always there for me, and I am never too old to need a hug from my mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you Mom. I love you!

2. I received Leo the lightning Bug from my daughter for Mothers Day. I have him near my pc, to watch him as he watches me. She is a kind person and tries to spread kindness in all she does. I am wishing her a Happy Mothers Day in return.

Bug #4-000559

1. Leo is going to Duncan Murray. Duncan and his sister dropped off a package of goodies for us at Christmas time. Thank you Duncan! Let’s see how far Leo can fly! Brenda McFadden

2. Duncan and Amelia are passing Leo along to Olivia Cahoon along with some of their soccer gear and other hand-me-downs. We enjoy having such great girls to share our outgrown things with! We hope you have fun finding someone to share your bugs with!

3. Madalene and Olivia Cahoon are sharing Leo with Jillian and Bethany Poplau, as well as some pictures to let them know we appreciate them as our friends. Have fun sharing your bugs with others!