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Kindness Bug ~ Update

I received an update about one of the classrooms that won the Kindness Bug items. I will report more updates as I receive them.

Update: We are still doing Leo the lightning bug every day passing him around and sent the plush bug to a boy in Hutchinson, Ks with cancer.

It is good to hear reports like these of those helping others.

Help spread kindness in Classrooms



Help Spread the Kindness Bug in Classrooms

Do you have a group that would like to sponsor a Classroom in helping children spread kindness? For each Kindness Bug figure and Activity Book your group purchases for the Classroom we will donate a second one to the Class.

Please go to our Contact Page and send us information on your group, and which Classroom you would like to sponsor.


Spreading the Kindness Bug around the World

At times it’s a struggle, trying to spread the Kindness Bug. Like  a little bug, you wonder if you are too small to make an impact. Then there are times positive things happen. Each day I get to see what country someone is from when visiting my site to view the Kindness Bug. Today someone from United Arab Emirates came to view the Leo Coloring Page. I took a look at where that country was located. I hope they were able to download and print off the page to give to a child, or children, and encourage them to spread kindness. Working hard in hopes that kindness makes a difference.


Spread Kindness

Choose to be kind this Valentines, and then make it a habit to be kind to others everyday. We welcome you to share ideas on how to show Random Acts of Kindness to others. Let’s get the Kindness Bug spreading.


Cari Brown’s Classroom Update

I received the following from one of the teachers who won the Kindness Bugs for their classroom, and I wanted to share. It’s so nice to see the kids enjoying the Kindness Bug.

“I talked to my kiddos yesterday about the kindness bugs. I read them the story and then they brainstormed people they could do kind acts for and what they could do. They are so excited!!! Curious to see what parents say about them at conferences this week.”


Classroom Winners Update

We have delivered Kindness Bug items to all the winning Classrooms (One more item is being sent to Sunnyside Elementary).  I had the pleasure of delivering Kindness Bugs to a Kindergarten Class today at  Morse Elementary School in Overland Park KS. The kids were very polite and excited about coming up with ways to help spread the Kindness Bug. It was so good to see this. I can’t wait to hear what they do. I know they will do a great job and be an excellent example of spreading kindness.