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Bug # 7-000286

Emily the Dragonfly, bug number 7-00286 Deborah White of Ottawa Kansas Ms Dragon Fly was calling to me from the shelf in the Quilt store on the edge of town. So I took her home. Then I made some chocolate pretzel sticks with sprinkles on them and handed them and Ms. Dragon off to Katie Smith. Let’s see who gets the kindness bug next……

Bug # 7-000384

12-13-06: altd – Weston, MO – The West Platte High School Women’s Glee (choir) received Emily from Marilyn Edlund. Marilyn asked us to sing at the lighting of the Christmas Tree in Weston, MO. She sent us Emily to thank us for our hard work.We passed along Emily to Jim Porter. He came in to play piano for our Winter Choral Concert. He volunteered his time all day on Monday to rehearse with us. He did a fantastic job and we wanted to show our gratitude by passing Emily along to him.We are looking forward to seeing where our little Emily ends up!

Bug # 7-000311

1-10-08: My Name: America B Patton – State: Kansas City, Kansas – I would like to Spread Peace and Love around this earth. I would like for all students across this country and world to support each other and show kindness to each other during the bad times and good times. Peace and Love