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Mollie Gosnell of Dolores, Colorado

Act of Kindness Shown: Terry,
Thank-you for empting out and getting Larry’s camper ready for Judith to borrow. I am sorry you fell and were hurt a few days.

Bug #2-000216

1. Buddy the Bumblebee, Bug #2-000216. Received on 8-16-2011 by Lori Rowton of Albany, OR.
It just showed up in my mail box at work. Very surprised and way cool.
2. Debbie Zeller, September 30, 2011
This was sent to me from a wonderful person who never gets tired of me asking questions… Thank you Lori you made my day….week…
3. Teresa Patterson, December 12, 2011
I received this from a lifetime friend. We have been there for each other, in so many ways. What a nice surprise. Hugs sent your way Debby
4. Elaine M. Robinson, February 8, 2013
I received this bug from Teresa. Teresa is a good friend and always listens to me when I have issues with life. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face today.

Bug #2-000246

1. My mom gave me a kindness bug back in 2008, I moved and it got pack away and has just recently surfaced. It’s Buddy the Bumblebee and the number is 2-000246. It’s time for Buddy to start spreading some kindness in Hugoton, KS! Sherri Leonard

2. Sherri Leonard, Hugoton KS, July 20, 2011. This bug is going to make its way to an amazing woman today. Kristen always gives of her time and talents in such a caring and loving way. Hugoton is blessed to have someone like her in charge of the Chamber of Commerce. She is a perfect example of someone who absolutely LOVES their hometown and who only wants to see it become an even better place to live. With her strong faith in God and her commitment to her family and community, she has, and will, continue to do wonderful things!

3. Kristin Farnum, July 20, 2011. I received this bug today and it was such a surprise! Thank you Sherri Leonard for passing this on to me. She will never know how much I needed this today! God truly does work in mysterious ways. Sherri-you have been a blessing to me and I have truly enjoyed getting to know and hope our friendships continues to grow. I am sending this bug on his way. And again he will be in the care of a great lady. Debbie Nordling is such an amazing woman, and she too cares for her community and family. She is just an inspiration to many and I hope this bug makes her smile. Thank you Debbie for all you do for Hugoton, and Stevens County, Kansas.