KB Races

Alenco Kindness Bug Race
The Race is starting at Alenco Inc. The Race begins May 9th, 2016, and runs until Sept. 30th, 2016. There will be 2 winners; 1 for who’s bug travels the most miles, and 1 for reaches the most people.

The Winners:
1. Robert Anderson, who’s bug traveled to the most people.
2. Don Crownover: who’s bug traveled the most miles. Don’s bug actually traveled several miles more than posted, but we do not have that info.

Thanks guys for helping to spread kindness!

000738: Started by Julianna Eller
000827: Started by Josh Howard
6-000022: Started by Kris Singleton
4-000600: Started by Julianna Eller
8-000292: Started by Don Crownover: Traveled 25 miles
1. Passed to Lilia Johnson
2. Passed to Zamarron Aquino (family member)
4-000588: Started by Chris Colvin
6-000517: Started by Chris Colvin
8-000254: Started by Roxana Easley
8-000196: Started by Robert Anderson: (Distance not shown)
1. Passed to Jason Russo
2. Passed to Shane Russo
3. Passed to Chris