Bug Tracker


Buddy the Bumblebee

Buddy the Bumblebee is creating a buzz, making a difference and spreading kindness each day. Help Buddy spread the Kindness Bug.

Read Buddy’s Stories…


Marcus the Caterpillar

Marcus the Caterpillar is out on a mission, slowly spreading kindness one act at a time. We can all make a big difference if we work together spreading kindness each day.

Read Marcus the Caterpillar’s Stories…


Marcus the Monarch

Marcus the Monarch represents the positive change that kindness can make in one’s life, and in the lives of others. Be a part of the change and help spread kindness to others.

Read Marcus the Monarch’s Stories…


Bobby the Army Ant

Bobby the Army Ant, designed in recognition of those who have, or are serving in the Military. Bobby represents a “Thank You” for those who have sacrificed themselves for our freedom. We salute you!

Read Bobby’s Stories…


Lola the Ladybug

Lola the Ladybug is a kind hearted bug, seeking to spread kindness each day. Can kindness be spotted in you?

Read Lola’s Stories…


Patty the Praying Mantis

Patty the Praying Mantis is always thinking of others. Strive to make kindness a part of your life each day.

Read Patty’s Stories…


Leo the Lightning Bug

Leo the Lightning Bug is letting his light shine by spreading kindness to others. Help Leo to spread the Kindness Bug.

Read Leo’s Stories…


Emily the Dragonfly

Emily the Dragonfly is a caring little bug, and is happy to share an act of kindness to others each day. Help Emily spread the Kindness Bug.

Read Emily’s Stories…

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