The Kindness Bug is a fun and inspirational gift line, with 8 Kindness Bug characters. Each bug is individually numbered, so each can be tracked. The concept of the Kindness Bug is to help promote random acts of kindness, and to see how far kindness can spread.



To spread the Kindness Bug:

  • Get your bug number registered on the Kindness Bug website.
  • Give your bug to someone as a gift, to someone who has shown you kindness, or to someone you show kindness to.
  • Later, return to the Kindness Bug website. Search for your bug number to see what has happened with your bug. It may only travel a short distance, or it may travel far. You never know.
  • If you have received a Kindness Bug from someone else, search for the bug number, then send a reply to us. Let us know what act of kindness happened when you received the bug. We will update the bug information for all to see.

The Kindness Bug can be used for positive projects in Schools, at the Workplace, in Churches and Organizations.

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